Professional Dietary Ingredients & Supplementary Service

Professional Dietary Ingredients & Supplementary Service
As a brand, are you considering the following questions:


*How can we create a bestselling health product and profit?
*How do we build our own health product brand?
*What are the hottest/most discussed health products?
*How can you find a reliable ODM/OEM for health products?
*How can health products be developed to target the function requirements of different distribution channels, genders, and age groups?
*How should products be marketed?


We provide professional ODM/OEM services of health products for clients who plan on developing their own brands or creating new product lines. Compson provides "one-stop integrated services" that include ODM, OEM, marketing planning, and training; with more than a hundred international all-star raw ingredients as support, we help clients build highly competitive products.


Compson Biotech One-stop Integrated Services

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    Client Requirements

    We provide product analysis, market research, and product positioning based on client requirements.

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    Product Formula & Dosage Design

    Our team of food related PhDs utilize precise market analysis, knowledge of food laws, and professional science to design products tailored specifically to each client.

  • 03

    Product Sampling and Packaging Design

    Samples are provided to verify viability along with package customization and design services that satisfy the requirements of different target audiences.

  • 04

    Product Production

    Compson's rigorous quality management system ensures that all unpackaged or finished products, and packaging materials are supplied from third party contractors with excellent quality controls that satisfy client's quality requirements.

  • 05

    Marketing Package and Legal Documents

    We provide post-launch marketing strategies and planning for each product and assist clients with applying for certification documents or export documents that comply with local regulations to our client's products can enter international markets.

  • 06

    Product Education & Training 

    Our licensed nutritionists with professional lecturer qualifications will assist our clients with product education and sales training to help with building your marketing team.

  • 07

    Post-sale Services

    Our customer service staff are swift, efficient, and both patient and passionate in satisfying the information requirements of our clients to help facilitate sales.

Our Service

Service Advantage

We've consolidated raw ingredients and market information for health products around the world and utilize our professional teams to provide clients with exceptional products and services so that you can build a bestselling product!

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  • Integrated Services

  • Health Product Formula Platform

  • Branded Dietary Ingredients

  • Functional Module Development

  • R&D Individualized to Clients

  • Quality & Safety Certifications and Product Testing

  • Training and Marketing Support

Training and Marketing Support
  • 01 Integrated Services

    Our integrated ODM/OEM services for professional health products begin from individualized product development to assistance with post-launch marketing.

  • 02 Health Product Formula Platform

    Based on key elements such as fashionable, efficacy confirmation, market culture, and cost/performance analysis; close interaction with international dietary ingredient suppliers.

  • 03 Branded Dietary Ingredients

    Distribution and sales of more than 100 all-star branded dietary ingredients and 300 common ingredients.

  • 04 Functional Module Development

    Precise market analysis, knowledge of multi-national food laws, and professional science are utilized to help clients create their own highly competitive product.

  • 05 R&D Individualized to Clients

    Dosage with various ingredients provided in soft/hard capsules, tablets, powders, drinks, gelatin, grain powders, cookies, grain bars, candies, and more.

  • 06 Quality & Safety Certifications and Product Testing

    Precision tests in partnership with SGS, TUVRheinland, and other domestic/foreign testing institutes. Products are rigorously tested by various advanced instruments and staff from the Quality Inspection Center to ensure product safety.

  • 07 Training and Marketing Support

    Our licensed nutritionists with professional lecturer qualifications will assist our clients with product training, promotions, and integrated marketing events.