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Our Service

Our Services

Distribution and sales of more than 100 raw ingredients for major international brands
and more than 300 common materials.

We provide clients with professional OEM "one-stop integrated
services" to design and manufacture health products
for self-owned brands or new product lines.

Our Performance

Corporate Performance

Our integration of premium health product ingredients and market information across the world gives us the strong backing of more than a hundred all-star ingredients used to provide clients with professional health product design and ODM services that enable the creation of highly competitive products.

  • 120

    Exclusive branded ingredients

  • 5

    Raw ingredients developed in-house

  • 300

    Inventory of 300 common ingredients

  • 9

    ODM dosage types

  • 6823

    Accumulative development of 6823 products

  • 2378

    Serviced 2378 clients worldwide

About Company

About Compson

Sales and distribution of more than 100 raw ingredients to major international brands
and more than 300 common ingredients. We lead the industry through our one-stop
integrated services for health product ODM; our natural, healthy, high quality,
and scientifically verifiedingredients open unlimited possibilities for your products!