Natural Calcium Series

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  • Calcium Bisglycinate Chelate

     From world class amino acid chelation mineral experts - Albion Laboratories.
    Received honor as a premium source of calcium as strongly recommended by the UN.
    Previously owned patent for amino acid chelation technology and TRAACS ® unique identification technology, ensures that calcium bisglycinate has high absorption rate and stability.
    Kosher, Halal certifications and recognized by European Food Safety Association (ESFA) as a safe nutritional food additive.

  • Marine Fish Bone (Containing Calcium)

     Multiple studies report it as a premium calcium nutritional supplement.
     Beneficial for the normal development and health of bones and teeth.
    ✔ Extracted from premium north Atlantic cod, pure and contaminant-free, perfect 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorous.

  • Red Algae powder(Containing Ca、Mg)

  • Coral Calcium 2:1

  • Coral Calcium

  • Water-soluble Pearl Powder