Oils Series

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  • Krill Oil

    Krill Oil

    Upgraded, patented krill oil that is highly clear, low in fishy smells, good to use as filling, and has great texture!
    Awarded patents in multiple countries, clean and pure krill oil extracted through a patented process.
    Verified by multiple studies.
     Global exclusive "ecology farming technology", processed directly on ships to keep nutrition intact.
    Exclusive phospholipid DHA, EPA, and astaxanthin provides higher nutritional value than fish oil.
    High global market share, designated for use by major US health product companies, related products are found across all US channels!
    Awarded MSC eco-friendly certification, 100% traceable system, listed by the USFDA as a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) substance, NSF/GMP certifications, legal, safe, and eco-friendly.

  • Millet and Wheat Extract

    Millet and Wheat Extract

    Released by a century old major company in plant extracts.
    Holds 3 patents in Europe and the US.
    Contains millet and wheat extract polar lipids.
    Tested and experimented by original manufacturer.
    It is a rich formula for youth, beauty, and it is a new ingredient that is rarely found in the market.

  • Soy Lecithin (Containing Phosphatidylcholine)

    Soy Lecithin (Containing Phosphatidylcholine)

    Released by famous German soy extract experts Lecico who insist on using IPM tracking systems to guarantee the use of non-gmo soy.
    Leads the world in soy extract technology, quality guaranteed at affordable prices.
    31% Lecithin PC provides rich nutritional supplement.

  • Marigold Extract (Containing Lutein Esters)

    Awarded dual patents in US and Japan.
    Stable esterification structure is not damaged by acid or alkali.
    Marigold from India undergoes CO2 supercritical extraction method to obtain lutein in both granule and oil specifications at stable quality.
    Supplied at competitive prices.
    ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, Kosher, and Halal certifications.

  • Flax Seed Oil