Algae Series

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  • Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae Powder

    Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae Powder

     "The nutrient rich King of Algae.
    Wild algae from Upper Klamath lake cannot be artificially cultivated.
    The substance ""Phenethylamine (PEA)"" caters to both health and happiness.
    US OTCO organic certification, Kosher, Halal certified means guaranteed quality!
    Popular raw ingredient of direct sale grade products in the Taiwan market."

  • Red Algae Extract (Containing Astaxanthin)

    Red Algae Extract (Containing Astaxanthin)

     Produced by renowned U.S. company Valensa.
    Thoroughly tested, used by many major western brands.
    Produced with exclusive Deep ExtractTM, Supercritical CO2
    extraction technology, safety guaranteed.
    Affordable price, highly competitive in markets.
    Suitable for youth & beauty, colorful world type of products.

  • Red Algae Extract (Containing Astaxanthin)

    Red Algae Extract (Containing Astaxanthin)

    Astaxanthin, a bestselling item on US shopping networks, is produced by Cyanotech, the leading brand in US astaxanthin!
    The product is sourced from Hawaii, which contains the factors required to grow premium red algae - sunlight, air, and water.
    The world renowned red algae extract plant has a scale of over 120,000 ping.
    The thoroughly tested health supplement can regulate physiological functions and maintain health.

  • Wakame Extract(Containing Fucoxanthin)

    Wakame Extract(Containing Fucoxanthin)

    Dual US manufacturing patent solves the issue of heavy metal residue, one of the biggest headaches of algae.
    2 original manufacturer experiments.
    Promotes metabolism, maintains health without burden.
    An ingredient that is unanimously praised by BBC, Japan, and Taiwan's industry and academia.

  • Mozuku Extract(Containing Fucoidan)

     Researched and developed by Japan's Yakult Pharmaceutical company.
    Manufacturing process extracts Fucoidan.
    Best buddy since childhood, quality guaranteed, maintain health without losing out on anything~

  • Red Algae Powder(Containing Ca、Mg)

  • DHA Oil From Schizochytrium sp. (Containing DHA)

  • Schizochytrium sp. Extract (Containing DHA 17%)

  • Schizochytrium sp. Extract (Containing DHA 10%)

  • Spirulina Extract(Containing Phycocyanin)

  • Spirulina Powder

  • Spirulina Powder

  • Chlorella Powder