Biochemical Fermentation Series

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  • Coenzyme Q10

    Coenzyme Q10

    ✔ KANEKA is a world famous major producer of Q10.
    ✔ Restorative Q10 is unanimously acknowledged and marketed by several hundred renowned health product brands across the world.
    ✔ Q10 coenzymes have been marketed worldwide with nearly 40 years of experience.
    ✔ Core member of authoritative coenzyme Q10 research foundations IQA and JQA.
    ✔ Sourced from natural high quality yeast to produce safe Q10 coenzyme structures that are not synthetic products.
    ✔ Multiple patents and studies.
    ✔ Passed rigorous safety tests; it is a trustworthy, safe, and high quality Q10 coenzyme.
    ✔ A nutrition supplement that promotes metabolism, beauty, and maintains health.
    ✔ KOSHER and ISO22000 certifications.
    ✔ Applicable in a wide range of dosages.
    ✔ Competitive pricing.

  • Rooster Comb Extract (Containing Hyaluronic Acid)

    Rooster Comb Extract (Containing Hyaluronic Acid)

    Can be legally supplied and safely eaten.
    Original manufacturer's safety tests and reports allow safe usage.
    Hyaluronic acid extracted from rooster combs promotes beauty and assists with maintaining optimal conditions.
    Manufactured with rigorous compliance to ISO9001, ISO14001, and HACCP.

  • Natto Extract (Containing Nattokinase)

    ✔ Japanese quality.
    ✔ Various models.
    ✔ Comprehensive food safety test reports.
    ✔ Classic product that promotes metabolism and maintains health.

  • Bacillus Natto

  • Anka Powder

  • Beer Yeast

  • Beer Yeast

  • CoQ10 10% Powder

  • CoQ10 10% (Water Dissolution)

  • Apple Yinegar

  • Beer Yeast

  • Fermented Rice Bran and Soybean